• How is Gotzha different than any other mobile Ad networks?

    Quite simply, Gotzha offers more opportunities for advertisers to optimize their campaigns. The moment you login and view our interface, you will see how many targeting options we provide for you. Our platform allows you to “cherry-pick” the traffic that is working for you and turn the rest off. We also offer some of the most advanced features available in mobile marketing today including GPS-targeting, Re-Targeting, Rich Media, and much more.

  • How much inventory does Gotzha have?

    Gotzha offers over 300 billion mobile ad impressions per month. We have traffic in every country and on every type of mobile device (iPhone, Android, Tablet, etc).

  • Do you have iOS, Android, Windows, etc.?

    Yes! Our network is approximately 50% iOS , 40% Android, and 10% Windows and feature phones. 85% phones, 15% tablets. With over 10 billion impression per day, Gotzha has plenty of the inventory you need!

  • How much volume do you have for each country, device, OS, etc.?

    Gotzha offers over 300 billion impressions per month in EVERY country.

  • What Ad units does Gotzha offer?

    Gotzha offers display banners and Rich Media ads.

    Banner sizes in order of volume:
    – 320×50
    – 300×50
    – 300×250
    – 320×480 (interstitial)
    – 728×90 (tablet)
    – 480×320 (intertsitial)

    Rich Media: Gotzha is certified with every major rich media vendor. Please contact us with your creative details and we’ll help you get started!

  • Does Gotzha work with brands / agencies / trading desks?

    Yes. Gotzha offers one of the most robust fully managed media buying services in the industry. Brands, Agencies, and Trading Desks can take advantage of Gotzha’s ultra-granular targeting and optimization platform by using our Premium Managed Service. Gotzha’s skilled Ad Ops Managers will take care of planning, flighting, optimizing, and reporting on your campaigns.

    Gotzha offers:
    – 3rd Party and Proprietary Data segments
    – GPS-targeting
    – Rich Media
    – Re-Targeting

    Contact us to have a manager contact you within 24 hours to discuss your campaign.

  • What targeting options does Gotzha have?

    Targeting options:
    – Retargeting
    – GPS Location
    – Device
    – Carrier
    – Site / App Targeting
    – Session Depth
    – Day-Parting
    – Category Targeting
    – Frequency Capping

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