Meet our new colleague Korie

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Gotzha is growing and becoming an established name in the affiliate marketing industry.
We’re expanding into E-commerce and nutra and we’re just as ambitious about those verticals as we are about all our other verticals.

Our goal is to become the market leader in all verticals by 2020 and we’re doing everything we can to establish just that.

To achieve our goal for nutra, we’re signing the best nutra advertisers and we hired a senior Nutra Affiliate Manager. 

We would like to introduce you to Korie Padgett, all the way from Orlando Florida.

We interviewed her, so you can get to know her a little better.

Who is Korie and what will she be doing at Gotzha?

Korie is a 25 year old American girl who has always had a passion for marketing and anything and everything digital, as a lot of us in this space.  She calls herself a nerd: ‘I’m a nerd and not only do I know it, but I also don’t care. As a kid, I loved being at home on the computer learning new things, versus going out with friends. This was challenging, because I am also a naturally extroverted person that loves meeting new people.’ On a typical Saturday you can find her struggling between wanting to stay in on her computer to make money, or going to a bar with friends. ‘Amsterdam will be a fun change for me because it will be all new faces when I go out and I am looking forward to meeting new people from other countries, especially with the hub of affiliates in the city. With Gotzha, I will be managing my old affiliates and bringing on new ones – making us all a lot of money and hoping to help people learn more about the ever changing landscape that is affiliate marketing.’  

What is her Affiliate Marketing background?

Korie has been in Affiliate Marketing for 5-6 years. She is a titan (although she would not say so herself). She started out at Convert2Media, an American Nutra network. After that, she put her nutra knowledge at work directly for publishers in the nutra space, where she mainly used her skills advertising nutra products on Facebook. She used her relationships and networking skills to build out a business of clients who were either already established or new to the space and helped their businesses grow tenfold with her knowledge on how to make Facebook work, especially when running nutra offers that Facebook doesn’t necessarily like.  

What knowledge does Korie have?

Korie has a lot of knowledge in affiliate marketing, especially when it comes to the nutra space. ‘I was lucky to have started out in nutra, versus a smaller and easier vertical so everything else was easier for me to pick up on. I have the knowledge that every affiliate should posses when it comes to affiliate marketing, like tracking, but I also have extensive knowledge when it comes to running on Facebook and how to keep your accounts live longer – and even get them to work in the first place. I’m always willing to help my affiliates out with insider tips on Facebook – just reach out to me. I promise I don’t bite.’

Where can I meet Korie?

Korie already started managing some nutra campaigns and will be based in our Amsterdam church office as of February. She also already attended Affiliate Summit West, in Vegas and will be attending more shows. If you are in the Amsterdam area and want to meet up or are in Europe, hit her up on skype: Blogger325. She loves to travel and is always looking to connect with new people, especially in this space.

Is Korie more of a dog or a cat person?

Korie is 100% a dog person. ‘To be honest, I don’t really get people who choose cats over dogs. Dogs are loveable companions with unique personalities. Cats all have one personality… No offense to any cat people :).’

What are her hobbies?

Korie does not really have any hobbies. She prefers to read, rather than watch tv. She likes to hike and loves anything that has to do with the outdoors and nature but she wouldn’t go as far as to call them hobbies. Korie is a traveler at heart: ‘I guess you could say traveling is my hobby, but it’s really more so of a passion.’

What is the best place Korie has travelled to so far?

‘Aside from Amsterdam of course, probably Africa. I went a few years ago to Morocco for about a week. It was definitely an experience I will never forget being able to ride a camel on the beach and going jet skiing off the coast of Africa and almost dying because the traffic is so dangerous. Seriously, I think they allow anyone to drive without even taking a test and their roads have no lines dividing the traffic into two different ways.’

Korie, do you have an instant tip for an affilate running nutra?

‘First and foremost, be prepared! Be creative, know what angles are currently working, but also step it up. Anyone can rip a good lander these days and ad copy on spy tools, but the best returns will be from the untouched angles. This market is always changing and you need to stay ahead of the curve and be ready to scale fast and quick – make sure you are ready for that with the proper tools when the time comes. Don’t be the person that has found a new highly profitable angle that is ready to scale, with no accounts to scale on. By the time you have found that out, it’s too late. Someone has already profited off of your misfortune. It’s a lesson hopefully you will only learn once.’

Do you want to run nutra campaigns? Korie could really help you to set everything up due to her years of experience.

Send her a message on Skype – Blogger325


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