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Publisher Marketing is about numbers. Yet, Gotzha is about people.

As an agency, we essentially connect people. We connect publishers to the best offers, which we got in the first place by having a partnership with advertisers.

We build long lasting partnerships by investing. We start this investment in our employees, the core of Gotzha.

As Sir Richard Branson  states: “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

Publisher Manager Taha moved from Canada to Bangkok to work for Gotzha, one and a half year ago. It’s time for reflection.

What drove him to move to Asia? What is his perception about the industry?

We asked him man to man in an interview.


Taha, who are you?

I’m someone who loves to help people around me and enjoys having an adventure at the same time.


What did you learn during your study?

I studied Business Administration and graduated in November 2014.  Looking back at my academic career, I believe it provides me with a wide array of career paths focusing on Online Marketing and Client Management.


What is your role within Gotzha and what is your mission?

I am currently working as a Digital Media Manager at Gotzha, my goal is to push Gotzha to become a pioneer in the ever-evolving industry, work with the biggest brands, agencies and app owners.


Why did you decide to move to Bangkok to work for Gotzha?

Being in Toronto for almost ten years, I truly believed it was time for me to find a new adventure and get out of my comfort zone from a personal and professional aspect.  The idea was to take the next step in developing and exposing myself to the all the intriguing parts of this industry, and what a better place to do that, than Bangkok, which has became an international hub for publishers.

Then there was the reputation of Gotzha itself, that proved to be crucial in taking this huge step and move all the way across the world in a poles apart climate and culture. I only had very positive things to read and hear about Gotzha and its team. Close knitted team with a strong focus on culture, constant improvement and striving to push boundaries for our publishers.


Are you a dog or a cat person?

I am a cat person. I’ve had both in the past but prefer cats.


What do you like most about publisher marketing?

The fact that there are no boundaries. This is that one industry that truly breaks all the geographical and cultural boundaries and puts everyone under the same umbrella of digital marketing.

Secondly, the industry is forever evolving. There is not a day in this industry when I do not learn something new. Professionals are always engaged in discussing creative solutions, putting an effort to connect with others and bounce off ideas.

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