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How Gotzha brings you more sales

From analysis through to optimization, we follow a winning step-by-step process to help you achieve long-term growth.

We analyze your brand

We begin by assessing your products and understanding your business goals. Using smart analytics tools, we help you to create a rock-solid user acquisition strategy.

We scale up your campaigns

Once your campaign is live and getting results, we use our 3,000+ high-converting sources to scale up your business. Daily in-depth tracking and reporting ensures that every decision is backed up by real-time data.

We protect and support you

Because of our vetting process and strong relationships with partners, you can rest assured that your brand is in safe hands. We believe in long-term partnerships, so we take care of you like you’re one of our own.

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In 2020 we've seen a 200% growth in the Desktop vertical.

We were able to grow several large desktop software brands to achieve a whopping $5 million of total revenue in this vertical in January 2021 alone!

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