WeGotzha answers

Why should I work with Gotzha, as a publisher?

You should work with Gotzha because our Publisher Managers will be your sparring partners, they have deep knowhow about publisher marketing and are fun to have a drink with. You will have the feeling that you are working together to make sure you have your best year to date.

Besides we offer early payments: we always pay 4 days after the end of the week.

Why should I work with Gotzha as an advertiser?

You should work with our business development managers because we know exactly what is going on in the market. Your business development is an industry veteran with an extended knowledge of tracking, market knowledge and will safeguard the quality of the traffic being sent to your offers.

What makes Gotzha stand out compared to other agencies?

Besides our great offers in multiple verticals, good payment terms and expert support we stand out because we have a fun, dynamic and playful team. We understand that you want to live the ultimate lifestyle without too much obligations. At the same time we want you to reach your goals and are your equal partners, sometimes also during a drink at the bar.

What is Gotzha’s mission?

Our mission is to serve you with an unprecedented variety of global campaigns and expert support so you will reach your goals. We want to transform our partnerships into friendships by being the best, most fun and knowledgeable publisher agency team.

Does Gotzha attend or exhibit at any trade shows or conferences?

Yes we most certainly do. Please visit our event page for an overview of trade shows and conferences we are attending.

What are the payment terms?

We pay weekly net 4. We can do wires or pay via payoneer.

Who will be my contact person at Gotzha?

You will have one contact person to keep everything clear. You can contact your Publisher Manager anytime. Whether you are running a campaign and need support, or when you are looking for a good offer. Please visit our team page to meet our AM’s.

As an advertiser you will have one dedicated account manager with full support.

Do publishers need to send an invoice?

No, we issue self billing invoices.

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